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Print Free Graph Paper

Save yourself money and a trip to the store! Print graph paper free from your computer. This site is perfect for science and math homework, craft projects and other graph paper needs. All graph paper files are optimized PDF documents requiring Adobe Reader for viewing.

Take advantage of your printing flexibility; print on transparency film for sharp graph paper overheads, or waterproof paper for field data-collecting.

  • Graph Linear Equations
    Graphing linear equations is pretty simple, but only if you work neatly.
  • Graph Polar Coordinates
    Understand plotting points in polar coordinates.
  • Logarithmic Functions
    Don’t find the logarithms, the paper does it for us.
  • Graphing Parabolas
    Learn how to graph the parabola on graph paper.
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Cartesian graph paper is the most popular form of graph paper in use. This type of graph paper is identified by its two perpendicular sets of lines forming a square grid. This graph paper’s grid is used when graphing two-dimensional equations, and this versatile graph paper is useful for sketches, craft projects, layouts and other non-math activities.

Engineering graph paper lines are similar to Cartesian graph paper’s two perpendicular sets of lines forming a square grid. However, through the use of contrasting line-weights, engineering graph paper groups the squares into clusters to show distance. Our imperial graph papers are in one square-inch clusters and our metric graph papers are in one square-centimeter clusters.

Polar graph paper is used when graphing polar coordinates. Our polar graph paper has lines radiating from a point to divide the field into 360 unmarked sections that can be labeled as degrees or radians, while concentric circles intersect the lines by a selected interval.

Isometric graph paper is used when creating isometric images or when graphing three-dimensional functions. Isometric graph paper has three sets of parallel lines representing length, width and height forming a grid of equilateral triangles.

Logarithmic graph paper is used for graphing rapidly increasing or decreasing quantities spread over a wide expanse. This type of graph paper uses a logarithmic scale that compresses certain sections of the graph to accommodate a wide data set. Logarithmic graph paper is available in two classes. Semi-logarithmic graph paper, also called semi-log, uses a logarithmic and a linear scale to compose its axes; full-logarithmic graph paper, also called log-log, uses logarithmic scales for both axes.

Hexagonal graph paper, also called hex paper, is a network of tiled hexagons that form a grid. This type of graph paper can be used when studying tessellations, but is more often used by quilt makers and computer gamers. Quilt makers use the hexagonal graph paper to design intricate piece-work patterns; gamers use it in the creation of maps to aid game navigation. Our hexagonal graph paper is measured by a regular hexagon inscribing a circle of a user specified diameter.

Probability graph paper is used when graphing variables along a normal distribution. This type of graph paper uses a probability scale along one axis and a linear scale along the other. This paper is mostly used in Statistics.

Smith chart is a type of graph paper used in electrical engineering to plot variances of complex transmission impedance along its length. Smith charts also simplify the matching of the line to its load. Smith charts are copyrighted by Analog Instruments Company and are offered on this site with permission.

Helpful Sites
  • Linear Equations
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Logarithmic Graphing
  • Parabolas

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Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Downloadable and very printable, I find these PDFs extremely useful.

Square Graph Papers

Simple Grid Graph Paper Preview

Graph Paper

Plain Graph Paper PDF Generator – Set your border and grid spacing (i.e. 4 lines per centimemter) to get as much graph as possible on your paper.

Graph Generator Lite – Specify the number of squares you want – and the size of them.

Multi-Width Graph Paper Preview


Multi Width Generator (3 line weights)

Extra Border on the Left (2 line weights)

Multi-Color Graph Paper Preview


Multi Color Generator

Same as multi-width, with the ability to specify different colors per grid size.

Square Cross Grid Graph Paper Preview

Cross Grid

Like normal graph paper – but with cross grids.

X and Y lines are configurable independently, so you can make tall or wide crosses.

Grid Lined Graph Paper Preview

Grid Lined

Grid-Lined PDF Generator – Multiple boxes per each writing line.

Axonometric Graph Paper Preview

Axonometric Perspective

Axonometric (bisected) diamond PDF Generator You can make them without the vertical bisector as well.

Inverted Graph Paper Preview

Inverted Graph Paper

Inverted (white-on-colour) PDF Generator

Square Dots Graph Paper Preview


Like normal graph paper – but with dots instead of lines.

Detached Square Graph Paper Preview


Freestanding squares with variable widths of spacing – down to 1mm.

Weighted Grid Paper Preview

Light Verticals

Lined Paper with Light Verticals PDF Generator – Horizontal lines with vertical lines being in a lighter color. The weights of both the lines can be adjusted.